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Author: Jim Staley

Created in the Shadow of God

Unbelievably, although I have been pressing into understanding more about The Father’s image for weeks and weeks now, I have yet to look into the actual Hebrew Word. So one night, while I was waiting for the 10 pm  count (where they come around and make sure everyone is still here), I decided to pull out my concordance and do some homework. What I read completely shocked me, encouraged me, and deepened my entire experience of tasting the image of Yahweh. I would like to share with you what He shared with me in this post.

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Numbers 8-12

What does He mean when He says “arrange the lamps” so that the lights “give light in front of the lampstand”? Why does it matter which way the flames from the lamps face?  

The Menorah itself is highly symbolic. It represents the entire Word of God, which, according to Psalm 119:105 is the “Lamp unto our feet and the Light unto our path.” There are 66 pieces that make up the lampstand itself. “Coincidentally,” there are 27 pieces on the right side of the Menorah and 39 on the left when you include the center base of the candlestick. In the same way, there are 27 books of the New Testament and 39 in the Old, which is the foundation of the entire “candlestick.” It also represents the 7 spirits of God, the 7 churches of Revelation, and the Torah itself, which is the instruction that brings light to the 7 continents.  

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Destroying The Power Of Fear In Your Life

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen people’s entire lives disrupted and ministries of God completely destroyed when people are moved by fear to do things they would never do without it. We humans are suckers for this spirit of fear. It paralyzes us and takes us over like a tsunami takes over a coastline village. The heart rate can go from 60-150 in a matter of seconds and this new and elevated stress causes the brain to make irrational decisions that can be as devastating as a category 5 hurricane. 

2 Timothy 1:7 says that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

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The Red Sea And The King Of The North


 In this week’s study, we’re going to look at a passage out of the Torah portion called Beshalach. Pharaoh has just allowed the Israelites to leave Egypt. So two million of them have headed out to the great unknown led by Moses, Pharaoh’s former adopted son, and their ancient God has just reintroduced Himself to them in the most epic display of power the earth has ever seen. We will be covering two important topics in this article so put your seatbelt and scuba gear on and let’s start by diving into the Red Sea!

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There’s a Snake in My Staff

Blake and I were having one of our late night Bible studies recently and got to talking about the dawning of Moses’ and Aaron’s ministry. Because Yahweh operates in patterns and is always trying to teach us something, we should be able to learn a lot from their opening act. Let’s take a look into their first moment in the limelight and see what we can learn.

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The Merger

As the Torah Portions come to an end and we reach the closing chapters of the final book of the Torah here in Deuteronomy, Moses once again does a recap from a 30,000 foot view. From this vantage point he can help the children of Israel completely understand all that is required of them as they cross over and take their inheritance.  As we move through these short two chapters, I would like to point out several things.

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Christmas, Hanukkah and the Anti-Christ Parts 4

Part 4: Hanukkah Traditions

We’ve learned much in the first three parts of this series. We started in Part 1 with the historical account of Hanukkah and discovered the incredible story of how one man, with God’s help, stood up to evil, triumphed against all odds, and saved an entire people in the process. In Part 2 we learned how the Messiah kept this festival in the first century and how we could calculate his conception as taking place during it, resulting in His real birth during the Feast of Tabernacles (our September/October). In Part 3 we brought in the connection to Christmas and the antichrist and learned where celebrating it on December 25th came from. In this final part, I would like to share some of my family’s traditions with you and discuss how we transitioned into celebrating the Festival of Lights.

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Finding Freedom Through Atonement

Yom Kippur is the highest holy day of the year on God’s calendar. But what makes this day so special? Isn’t every day sacred? Since the Son has come, isn’t every day holy in Him?

Imagine a husband trying to tell his wife that there is really no need to celebrate their anniversary anymore. “You already know that I love you! Why make such a big deal about our anniversary?” Now imagine that husband sleeping on the couch.

The truth is that anniversaries are important to us. How much more important are God’s anniversaries to Him?

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The quest of the third day

The mention of that title conjures up visions of a crisp April morning in Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago as the Son of the living God rose from the dead just before the sun dawned over the first-century landscape. It was a dark three days that Passion Week as our Lord lay in that tomb. Tears flowed down his followers’ faces as they hid in utter shock at the thought of what had happened to their rabbi, their teacher…the Lord of the entire universe. Little did they know that He meant what He said when he exclaimed that He would rebuild the temple in three days. And on that third day He fulfilled that promise and so many more.

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