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Author: Jim Staley

The Feast of Tabernacles Part 3

The Water Libation Ceremony

This ceremony is quite possibly one of the most powerful and incredibly prophetic ceremonies in all of biblical times: the water libation ceremony.  It happened during the Feast of Sukkot and was unquestionably the most popular part of the week-long celebration.  As a matter of fact, the ancient Jewish sages emphatically stated, “Whoever has never seen the celebrations of the Festival of the water libation has never experienced true joy in his life” (ibid.5,1).  It was said that the lights from the celebration at the Temple were so bright that they caused shadows in villages six miles away!  What was it about this celebration within a celebration that made it so surreal, so fantastic, that someone could actually say that if you hadn’t participated in it you had never experienced true joy?  What on earth is a water libation anyway, and why is it so significant for us today?  Well, that is exactly what we are about to find out.

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Check Mate? Don’t Move!

What do you do when your back is up against the wall, you’re out of options, and you don’t know what to do? What do you do when you feel like one false move and you know you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the pit, surrounded by snakes and facing certain destruction? Why does it seem sometimes like we are all living a life like Indiana Jones, where the very temple we are searching for becomes our very own Temple of Doom? If we’re not faced with a pit of snakes, we’re faced with flinging, fancy swords coming at us from every direction. If we’re not facing giant boulders chasing us back down the very mountain we just climbed, we wake up tied to an altar with some evil guy trying to reach into our chest and take our heart out for his dinner. It just seems like sometimes, no matter where we turn or what we do, we find ourselves facing some sort of obstacle. And each one seems life threatening. If you are living a life that seems like the Indiana Jones movies, then this article might just be for you. 

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Seated Together in Heavenly Places

Now that we are starting to understand the difference between the soul and the spirit of a man, the difference between the “spiritual” Word and the “physical” Word, the desire of the Spirit for us to receive the wisdom and revelation of the knowledge of Him, we can continue in Ephesians chapter two and discover where this authority and spirit man actually reside.

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Dividing Soul and Spirit

Today, the average believer spends all of his time trying to “please God” by DOING things (Bible study, going to church, being obedient, memorizing scripture, etc.) that all grow the SOUL of a man closer to what it was in the beginning but leave the spirit of a man as weak as a child. (Maybe psychologists aren’t far off when they say we have an “inner child”…) Even most “giants” in the body of Christ, those who know the word, are obedient to it and are leading many into the Kingdom, are babes in the Spirit because they don’t know that the soul of a man is completely separate from the spirit and both are fed differently. Like the Northern Kingdom of Israel in bible times, it was connected to but distinctly different from the Southern Kingdom of Judah, so the soul is connected to but is distinctly different from the spirit.

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The Two Sided Coin Part 2

In the last article we discovered that faith and works are really two sides of the same coin. We can now understand why James can say in his own book that “faith without works is dead.” We conceded that understanding “works” for God is not that difficult. It’s simply doing what He said because we love Him and want to please Him…no different than the reason a husband does something to please his wife. He doesn’t do it to be married (saved), he does it BECAUSE he is married. So the question becomes, “How do we add the faith side of the coin into the mix?” How do we live by faith? What does that look like? Is that the same as believing? What about trust? In this post, we’re gonna nail all this down once and for all and, hopefully, some of you will have the same breakthrough, “light bulb” moment that I did.

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Personal Prisons

Prison. What is prison anyway? Is prison an unclean, over-populated building where a person is confined by four lonely walls and guarded by eagle-eyed officers watching his every move?  Is it a place for the ultra guilty, the worst of the worst that society has to offer who are locked up like cattle in a overcrowded pen? What is prison, really? Well, after actually living here in prison for over three months and seeing what it is with my very own eyes, I believe I can finally see the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of what prison really is all about.

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