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Author: Jim Staley

The Waters of Promotion

The details found within the story of Noah are like the foundation stones of a great castle. With them intact, the king can be firmly established. If they’re unstable, it’s just another kingdom bound to fall. The entire Bible is written with the Messiah in mind and with the intent of restoring mankind to perfect relationship with its Creator. The account of Noah is at the top of the list for telling the beautiful story of the gospel in riveting detail.

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You can’t have heads without having tails at the same time. There is no such thing as a positive without a negative, a villain without a hero, a Ying without a Yang. In our culture, we seem to always be forced to make a choice: black or white, left or right, up or down, Democrat or Republican, paper or plastic, right or wrong. But the truth is that life is a combination of them all. No one is truly right or truly wrong, completely altruistic or entirely hypocritical. We are all walking contradictions at one time or another. We just don’t see it. And the more the Spirit has me studying relationships, behavior, and how the human psyche works – with the purpose of how to walk out this Torah-based New Covenant – the more I can see just why we humans make the decisions we do from a biblical perspective. I have concluded that we are all blind, emotional beings who simply can’t stand the fact that everyone is not like us. It’s that simple.

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God’s Prophetic Calendar

We all have calendars. There’s the regular Gregorian Roman calendar we all use. Then there’s the fiscal year calendar, the school year calendar, religious calendars… But of all the calendars man has come up with, which do you think God uses to plan prophecy and everything else He wants to do? The American calendar? The Chinese calendar? Or maybe the ancient Mayan calendar? Nope. None of the above. God uses the calendar He created for His people. And it’s in what we call the Bible. It’s God’s Prophetic Calendar, and it is the calendar He uses to help us understand when His Son is going to come back to rule and reign over this earth.

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Stop Using the Root Hammer!

Do we have the right to “fix” everyone’s doctrine if it doesn’t line up with what we believe? Should we be actively following people online–or approaching our family and friends–with the intention of pointing out all their mistakes and doctrinal errors? Has the Hebrew Roots Movement gone from a body of people being moved by the Spirit to rediscover the Hebraic roots of their faith to a movement of modern-day Gnostics who pride themselves on the fact that they found the root as they beat their neighbor over the head with it?

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All You Need Is Grace

I used to cringe when I heard Bible teachers use that phrase. Usually it was because what followed was a sermon on how you can’t do anything to please God, or you don’t have to do anything to earn His favor, or you don’t have to worry about how you live because everything is covered by grace. But recently, the Father has radically changed my thinking on this topic and he used a good friend of mine to do it.  

What is grace…really? The Hebrew for the word is “chen,” and means “grace, kindness, graciousness.” It carries with it the idea of “bending in kindness toward an inferior subject,” which is what “chanan,” a word closely-related to “chen,” literally means. When the Creator gives someone “grace” He is literally bowing before them and offering His kindness and favor. Picture someone bowing before a king and the king coming off of his throne to extend his scepter toward the one entreating him. That’s the word picture. But it goes much deeper.

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“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”-Philippians 4:6

I think at one time or another we have all heard that verse before. But what does it mean from the original Hebraic perspective of the author? Does the word really mean “prayer?” If so, then why is Paul saying in a sense, “…but in everything by prayer and prayer,…” If supplications are just generic prayers then Paul is saying the same thing twice. But if we dig a little deeper we discover that the Hebrew sheds quite a bit more light on the true meaning and leaves us with a much greater understanding of what the Creator is trying to tell us when He says to bring our prayers AND our supplications before Him.

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No Mixing


Have you ever had freshly squeezed sweet lemonade or a homemade glass of sweet tea? It certainly doesn’t get much better when quenching your thirst on a hot day, that’s for sure. The combination of sugar and tea or sugar and lemons is always a good thing.  On the other hand, have you ever had a bug fly into your drink?  Have you ever had to drink out of a bottle of water after a 3-year-old?   Not much compares when you pick up that bottle of water when thirst overwhelms you and you see little floaty things swirling around. Just as lemons and water or tea and sugar is a good mix, there are also some things that are really just … well, bad. What about a fly in your drink? Do you just pick out the fly and keep on drinking? We don’t, we pour out the entire drink!

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The Real Power of Shavuot

Shavuot is one of the only holidays that we are not really told why we are to celebrate it. It is a feast for sure in every sense of the word. It’s a great celebration that initiates the wheat harvest and concludes the Spring feasts of the LORD that started on Nisan 14 with Pesach. We are told in the Torah to count seven Sabbaths from Passover and to mark the fiftieth day as a holy convocation unto Him. But what does all this mean and what does it mean for us today? What was the significance of it in biblical times and more importantly, does it have any power for us today?

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Public Challenge

I recently was “publicly challenged” on something that was said in one of my articles. And although I and many others strongly disagree with how Christ is portrayed through “publicly challenging” someone instead of privately going to them, addressing them personally in comments, or simply inquiring for more info first before attacking, I can still appreciate the zeal and a desire for truth. Unfortunately, sometimes I’ve noticed though that through our desire to find or divulge the truth at all costs, we can actually cause more damage to the kingdom and turn good people away from hearing the truth we are trying to share. The Bible says the GREATEST commandment is love and if we don’t operate in love then He compares us to a clanging cymbal. I would like to remind everyone that without the spirit of love infused into all that we do, we are that clanging symbol in our King’s ears. I have learned over time in my own life that all my knowledge amounts to nothing without love and I have no desire to learn a single thing more if I don’t already pass the test of love. Being mentored and yoked with those that are stronger than me in my areas of weakness have helped me to see the “egg on my face” in the times I couldn’t see it myself and humility had to become my close friend for change to actually happen in my life. I would encourage all of you to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure you pass the test of love before passing out your knowledge to others. Knowledge puffs up but love stays low and on its knees consistently.

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The Shavuot Lampstand Vision

Blake is truly one of the most gifted people in prophecy I have ever seen. He has visions almost daily of dreams and supernatural things that happen around him. One night in our midnight bible study, I was teaching them something and he said he physically saw flowers blooming all over my neck all around the base of my head. His eyes were open. The interpretation was instantly given as the Shamash candle on the seven-branched menorah, the one that has the almond blossoms right below the “face” of the bowl that holds the oil.

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