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Cheryl’s Blog

A Note From Cheryl

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a note of thanks to all of you who have been there for our family in countless ways over these last 4 long years during Jim’s incarceration. I (Cheryl) know that I do not post much personally; I’m not the greatest writer and my life is so crazy […]

Overcoming Hurdles

How many times do we pray for Yahweh to end our struggles? I know I used to, yet over the years, the more struggles I have been through, the more I realize just how vital they are to my spiritual growth. All the trials the Father has put in my path have forced me to […]

How are the Girls?

People often ask me, “Cheryl, how are the girls doing though all of this?” Without a doubt, that question was this mother’s greatest fear when Jim left. How are my children going to make it through these seven long years without their daddy? With all the scary statistics out there about how children raised without […]
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