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Shelach – Num. 13:1-15:41

Send Forth – Numbers 14

Torah Portion Shalach: Send Forth Part 2Numbers 14  NUMBERS 14  This chapter deals with the power of human emotion and the mistakes men make when they face their fears, then realize their mistake, then try to fix it themselves without the “right hand power of God.” The continuation of the story of the twelve spies not only gives […]

Send Forth – Numbers 15

Now it’s time to move on to chapter 15! Shalach: Send Forth-Numbers 15 Read Numbers 15 as an overview. The beginning of chapter 15 seems to be strangely placed. It’s sandwiched between the Twelve spies incident and Korah’s rebellion and is almost a transition between the two, trying to tell us, in a way, what should have happened and what was about […]

Send Forth – Numbers 13

Torah Portion Shalach: He Sent Part 1: Numbers 13 NUMBERS 13 There is so much in the story about the twelve spies it’s almost overwhelming. A small book would have to be written to unpack it all! Let’s take it one chapter at a time.
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