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Perhaps you live an extraordinarily busy life. Perhaps there are moments you wish didn’t exist. Perhaps you are enjoying a small moment of relaxation before getting up to finish the busy tasks before the end of the day. You may have a thousand things on your mind going through your head you can barely concentrate on one thing at a time. When you get some downtime to yourself, perhaps you decide to read. Your eyes blur over the words, but your mind is going 100 miles per hour thinking, stressing, doubting, and fearing; at the end of the paragraph you have no idea what you just read. 

Are you in a place where you feel like life just can’t slow down? Are you too worried about having enough provision and finances for your family, keeping your kids healthy and happy, keeping the family relationships strong, or maintaining a Godly, pure marriage? There are a thousand reasons why you could stress and come into agreement with fear. Well guess what? Our God says, “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) You don’t need to carry all the heavy burdens of life upon yourself! If you live your life for God, He DELIGHTS over you and is PLEASED when you give your burdens to Him. There may be some things that don’t seem like burdens that you need to give up. If there is anything that could be straining and stripping you from anything that is close to you, audit yourself and limit things that would hinder you from the full potential that Abba Yahweh has for you. For the over achievers out there, don’t put so much upon yourself! Don’t feel like you have to be someone you’re not just to prove something. You can’t please everyone. Be you, and don’t be ashamed of it. 

All in all, in the midst of the chaos, take a deep breath and remember the Scripture (Matt. 11:28-29). Remember that you were not meant to carry a heavy load. You have responsibilities and duties, but not so much as to completely weigh you down. Some things come and go, only lasting for a season. Allow God to bring the balance that you may desire in your life. Stay steady and firm in what you believe. May you feel peace instead of stress, faith in place of doubt, and may you have a fear and reverence of God instead of being fearful towards your current situation(s). 
Be blessed!

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