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Complete Access – No Hindrance

I live in the basement at our house, and the phone service and internet is often very slow. One morning I woke up and got very frustrated that I couldn’t get access to what I needed at the time (I’m not a morning person, so that could be part of the problem, lol). As I began to get ready for work that morning, I asked myself, “what spiritual lesson could I learn from slow internet access?” I’ve always loved looking at situations and thinking how they could be applied in a spiritual lesson. Not all situations are easy enough to turn around that way, but sometimes it completely switches the mood and atmosphere when you do look at it how God may look at it; it’s as if you’re seeing the situation through His eyes. Anyways, back to the lesson that I learned from having slow internet. I almost instantly got a revelation.

By that time, I was fully awake; coffee or no coffee. The Holy Spirit woke me up. LOL, He showed me the representation of the internet, that it is His Spirit, and if we are not always fully connected to Him, problems will arise. We will get frustrated (because the enemy will come into our thoughts). When in reality, to be connected to the internet, you need to be in one place, such as your house to stay connected. Our job is to stay fully connected to God and in tune with His Spirit. Our bodies represent our “temple”, and that can also be interpreted as a “house”. So if we want that full-on, speedy “internet connection” with the Father, we need to search our “house” (inner temple) for slow connections. Just like there may be a slow connection in your basement, there also may be something inside your heart, soul, or mind that is causing a slow connection between you and your Father.
Sometimes there are things that we may not see that hinder us from having that complete connection and unity. This is why Abba has brought leaders, counselors, and mentors into our life. They help to lead and guide us into the direction of God’s will, and also to dig deep into those cracks of our hearts where we can’t quite reach on our own, and pull out anything that may hinder us from obtaining direct access to the Father.
So, my friends, to conclude, please search your heart for a hindrance that you may be experiencing without even knowing it. Go to your elder or mentor and ask them to pray with you. Tell God that you want to have full access to Him, and you want to know His heart and follow His Ways. When you know you don’t have that full on connection, don’t get frustrated, don’t let the enemy steal your joy. Do your best to find a solution and be willing to dig further into your heart, even if it hurts. God does not desire for us to hurt, or yet bury things to cover our hurt. He is a good, good Father and wants us to be completely His, with nothing in the way to hinder that connection.

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