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Driving through the desert land of God, all you see around you are mountains and mountains of dirt and desert. Very few or no trees able to be spotted. It is all dry, desert land. Just to think that Moses and the Israelites took forty years to cross into the Promised Land. They had scarce food and water and suffered from the heat with no shade every single day. I cannot imagine how they survived, how some of them crossed without even any shoes. Yet YAHWEH never forsook them. He still, yet kept His promise and provided them everything they needed. 

We can learn so many life lessons just by the story of Moses and Aaron leading Israel through the desert land. Sometimes we go through the desert every single day of our life. It is dry, hot, painful, and seems endless. We have no idea where we are going, or if even we will survive. The only thing that keeps us going is His breath and HIS life that He chooses to put inside of us. His promises are what is sustaining us. Through the pain, through the suffering, we can learn that He is always leading and guiding us in the direction of prosperity, life and endurance. So if you are walking through the desert, remember that He has not forsaken you. Do not doubt His power that will bring you through.

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