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Five Days Of Encouragement – Day 1

I have recently discovered some older writings from my journal that I wrote several years ago, and they have never been shared; so I thought I’d create several days worth of encouragement for those that may need it. Even if you don’t necessarily “need” it, in my humble opinion, everyone needs encouragement! Let’s begin with the subject of a pure heart. I could write a book on this subject, but I’m just going to share this small portion of what I wrote back in December of 2014.

 “Having a pure heart is not the easiest to achieve. Striving for purity brings us through trial and error, hardships, mistakes, and is a huge learning process. However, in the end it is well worth it. In order to have a pure heart, we must first have a passionate desire to change and be set apart rather than just saying that you want God to give you a pure heart. Second, it is important to audit your life and let go of the ungodly things that you’re still holding on to. Rid yourself of any lust, deceitfulness, immodesty, anger, bitterness, rebellion, etc. How do you let go of these characteristics that are from the enemy? After you recognize these things in your life that you need to let go, you must repent before your Almighty King first and foremost with a sincere heart. Pray and ask God to heal you from these diseases that you’ve unintentionally allowed the enemy to spread. Ask Him to replace the old and dead spirits with HIS fruits of the Spirit! And last but not least, let go! After you release what has stolen the purity from your heart, you will begin to feel His peace and shalom overtake you and fill in those cracks within your heart to heal it. Then you will begin to have more of a desire to seek after a pure heart – HIS heart. He will help teach you along the way what it means to walk in purity if you stay faithful to Him.”
This process is not easy to go through. Many of you have been lost, broken inside, and have a shattered heart. Maybe this is the time for you to allow God to pick up those broken pieces so that you can be healed and no longer broken. You are strong, and surely capable to get back up again! Don’t let the enemy win the victory; claim that he has been defeated! Declare that nothing will hold you down any longer, but rather, you will rise up on those wings like eagles and take the steps it takes to heal your heart. Allow God to do His healing inside you to refine you into a pure silver and gold so that you can shine bright for His glory.

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