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Five Days Of Encouragement – Day 2

I find it astonishing how brave and courageous Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were during those trying and demanding moments with king Nebuchadnezzar. When he demanded them to bow to statues and gods, they did not even have to think twice about what to do. They knew they only worshipped one true, living God – Yahweh Elohim, Lord of all. Though they worked in the king’s chambers (Dan 3:12), they did not bow down to him or any of his gods. They knew the charges that would take place for their actions. For it was a demand from the king of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar threw Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into a huge, blazing hot fire (Dan 3:20). The men weren’t even afraid because they knew that God was with them. They even declared in a manner of words, that if there was a God that was able to save them, then He would. If not, they still would not bow down and worship false idols (Dan 3:17-18). The men of God walked into and out of that scorching furnace untouched, unhurt, without even one hair on their head singed (Dan 3:27). The Almighty had saved them from suffering and an undeserved death. From that day on, King Nebuchadnezzar vowed his life over to the God of Israel, the One who saved the three, courageous men.

I think we can learn from the story a very important lesson. If we truly claim that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is our Lord and Savior, if we vow our lives to live for Him alone, then we should also be willing to do absolutely anything. Even if it means to give up our life to bring glory and honor to His name. Do not be ashamed to reach out to people or share God’s word. For it is a blessing! It could save a life, it could heal a scar or wound. Living for Yahweh is making a difference. I hope and pray that he will give me the courage to stay strong and continue to stand up for His kingdom. I also pray the same for you that you will be strong and courageous when the fire comes in your life. Don’t be ashamed to walk right through it. Don’t forget Who is with you. Use this story as a great example when those trying times come in your life. Even if it’s something so small… You can play a major role in it if you make the right decision. 

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