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Five Days Of Encouragement – Day 3

This entry was from December 14, 2014:

As a young person, I ask myself often, “What are God’s plans for my life? What am I to do next?” Sometimes I think I know where God is leading me but then the path that I started walking down slowly comes to a dead end and I find myself disappointed. I’ve personally had to learn to be okay with not having plans, and be okay with the changing of plans. Even if things don’t or didn’t go how planned, we need to remind ourselves that He is in control, and His plans are ultimately bigger and better. It’s often hard to just place our entire life and future into His hands. We become afraid of the unknown. Fear and doubt begin to reside within us. I’m learning and am continuing to learn every day how to let Him take the reigns in my life, and let Him take full control over every single detail that I encounter. I want Him in control. It’s just so easy to make our own decisions and take back the reigns that were never given to us to begin with.

Know this: He holds our future whether we let Him guide it or not. It’s in the palm of His hands. It’s up to us whether we choose to allow God to ordain our future and what it holds, or if we will walk it out ourselves thinking we have it under control. When in reality, we internally know that we are afraid to take the next step not knowing what will happen. Walking in faith is walking with God.

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