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Ah, I am finally able to sit down and think for a little while. Ever since I’ve been back from Israel I’ve been on the go with trying to catch up with sleep, catch up with work and school, getting things done around the house, music, etc. Things are finally starting to go back to normalcy; at least I hope so. 😉 Anyway, I want to share a bit about my trip to Israel!

First of all I want to start off by saying how blessed I am to have been able to go. God just worked miracles and I am so humbled by His love that He’s shown me in just allowing me to go to His Holy Land! When I first arrived in Israel it was a perfect Spring day. The sun was shining so bright, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the birds just chirped away. I could see the flowers starting to bloom, and the air was so fresh. I closed my eyes as if I was dreaming and took a deep breath full of fresh air. It was such an amazing feeling, it almost brought me to tears. The afternoon that we arrived we were able to meet the bus-loads of people that were on our tour and with our group. There were so many awesome people in our group, it was such a blessing getting to know each and every person! It was definitely out of my comfort zone to reach out and introduce myself and talk to people, but it was really good for me. It felt good to do something that I wouldn’t normally do. Socialize. LOL 

Moshe Bronstein (I don’t know how to spell his last name..:/) and Eli Shukron (again, not sure how it’s spelled) were our guides throughout the trip. We went to SO many places (at least 3-4 places a day) and we were loaded with SO much information, I don’t even remember everything. My brain is still trying to process everything. Some of the places we went to were so moving for me (and many others), it was just so Spirit filling and powerful. For instance, Hannah’s healing Mikvah well where she became healed of her barreness. People would stick their hands and feet in the water so that they would be healed. Obviously it wasn’t the water that was healing, but the Spirit that dwelled (and still dwells) within the waters and within that place where she was healed. Many people have been physically healed from being there, and it was just beautiful as we worshipped and sang at the very same well that Hannah in the Bible was healed from. I hope and pray that some people walked away feeling healed with whatever burden or ailment that may have been weighing on them. Another place where I felt very moved and could feel Yahweh’s presence strong was when we were inside of St. Anne’s church. The acoustics inside were absolutely amazing. The echo of everyone’s voices were so pure and it sounded like angels were singing. I felt His presence in that building with us, singing in our hearts, allowing us to worship Him with pure hearts. I could feel His angels present. I could feel His smile as we just poured out our hearts unto Him. I personally felt so close to Him during that moment of worship. It was a heaviness that just swept over me (and a few other people); but it was a good heaviness. The heaviness of His Spirit. It felt so safe to have His Spirit right there with us and for me to be able to feel it so heavily was so special. 

One thing that really stuck out to me during this trip was how many people came from different countries, who weren’t a part of the tour, that came just to see and meet my dad- Pastor Jim Staley. One day we were walking through Jerusalem in a hurry because we were short on time and we didn’t want to miss our bus. We had no idea where our group was. Well we just so happend to run into them at a small store within the walls of Jerusalem. The lady who was running the store saw someone from our group wearing a shirt that said Passion For Truth and she stopped and asked if they were a part of Jim Staley’s group. She said that she didn’t used to believe in God, but then somehow found PFT and she became a Christian again. Ever since, she’s been watching PFT online every week! What are the chances of just randomly walking through the streets and she sees a PFT shirt, knows of the ministry and watches online! There was another lady that came all the way from the Philippines just to deliver a message for my dad and present a prophetic Word from the Father. She has a home in Israel that she stays in during the Feasts, but she lives in the Philippines. That was just so encouraging and such a blessing to be there because these people are so hungry for the Word that they are willing to fly 11-14 hours just to meet someone for a few minutes and deliver a message. That just brings so much joy to my heart to know how hungry these people are and how much they love to serve and please their God. It’s not just a person that these people want to see… it’s the Message that they want more of and they want to support and encourage my dad to continue to do what he’s doing because it truly is changing lives. There are so many more stories like these that happend on the trip that was just amazing, Yah-moving moments. That truly blessed me and I am so humbled to be able to sit back and watch it all happen. I pray that Yah uses me more and more to further His Kingdom because this truth is truly changing lives around the world. We just don’t even know how much these foreign countries are affected by His living Truth. Praise Yahweh! I didn’t mean to go on and on about that one topic.. But I am so passionate for those around the world.. It’s a vision of mine to reach out more to the nations. I’m not quite sure what that looks like yet, but I know it will happen in His perfect timing. 🙂

I believe this is all I have for now, but I WILL be posting more because there is still so much more I could say. Thank you to those of you who took the time to read. Be blessed!

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