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Why Does God Allow Bad things To Happen?

There are too many people who ask this question, thus blaming God for their current struggles and situations. Many of us were taught to pray in the good and in the bad, praise God through it all. Sadly, there are also a good number of us who question God during the tough times, and only thank and praise during the good.

From the beginning, God created us to be made in His perfect image. We were to be like Him, act like Him, and live like Him. Unfortunately, man sinned, and fell short of the glory of God. We made the mistake. We did it to ourselves; we allowed ourselves to be deceived and therefore chose a completely different path than what God wanted for us in the beginning. However, His grace, mercy, and love still covered us, because He gave us a choice to still walk with Him – not to be perfect – but to walk with Him, instead of walking the dark path that eventually leads to death. Only God knows your heart and where you stand, whether you choose to live your life for Him or not.
So to answer this question – or perhaps to reverse the question – In my own opinion, I believe even if we walk with God, even if we believe in Him, we did it to ourselves. We sinned, we fell short. However, God does allow things to happen not to hurt us, but to grow and mature us in all aspects. Difficult times, trials, and hardships are not meant to make our lives miserable. His promises cover us through those hard times. He promises never to leave or forsake us (Deu. 31:16), He promises that we will not have to carry the burden alone (Ps. 68:19-20). Additionally, He promises to walk with us through fire, that we do not have to walk through the trial alone (Is. 43:2). So, instead of questioning God through the tough times, BELIEVE that He can work a miracle, BELIEVE that your God has your back and He has not left you! You will never have to face things alone. He is always by your side, fighting on your behalf (Ex. 14:14) whether you believe or not. He stations His angels in front and behind you (Ps. 91:11) to protect you at all times. You need not be afraid of what may come your way. You were designed to fight the good fight on behalf of your King. He delights when you put your trust and praise in Him (Ps. 147:11). If you truly believe that He can help you through the tough times, instead of asking questions and putting blame on your Father, the battle will be so much more easier to fight. And after your battle is finished, you will know who is on your side and who got the victory. You will know if you passed the test. Whether it’s days, months, or years that it takes for it to be completed, stay strong, pursuant, and keep your heart open for God to work on. Most importantly, don’t give up.

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