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Prison Update – October 2017

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a quick update from camp. The Father is doing great things here. Sukkot was amazing—one of the best I have ever celebrated. In the last month, two guys have been saved and another has rededicated his life to Christ. The other guys are growing strong and our Messianic group continues to grow. Our brotherhood is deepening and has become obvious to the other Christians on campus. Many are not happy about it and the clear move of God in our midst demonstrated by the love we have for each other. We don’t just show up once a week at a service. We meet throughout the week, hanging out and discipling one another. We have an Erev Shabbat service early Friday evening. I make a big meal for everyone and we fellowship and discuss all the Father did that week. It has become a great place to invite friends and everyone looks forward to it.

Two men in our group, OB and Juan, have experienced amazing growth spiritually. OB absorbs and learns everything he can and is reading voraciously. He was the first to read my new book in its almost-final form and gave me some great feedback. He can’t seem to get enough. This 42 year old brilliant country boy from Kentucky is committed to the Father and learning His ways.

Juan, another amazing story, is so “on fire” that he feels called to ministry and wants to learn all he can. He has taken the lead as our worship leader and helps me coordinate our events, including our fellowship meal each week. He does odd jobs around the campus to make extra money so he can eventually quit his “day job” and spend more time studying and preparing for ministry. He earns $140/month but hopes to replace that income one day so that he can become a full-time student of the Word! It’s so cool to watch him blossom! Please pray that the Lord will provide for him and give him the desires of his heart for the sake of the Kingdom. He is a great asset in here and the Father is using him greatly as everyone respects him. I am very grateful to be a part of his life.

The Lord is moving and the fruit of “digging through concrete” for almost 2 years is finally starting to appear. Love is penetrating the hearts of these men and some of them are seeing God for the very first time. I’m blessed to be a part of such moments and watch the Spirit of God work in here like He did out there.

Don’t despise your current condition whatever it is. Are you on a mountain top? He is there? Are you in a valley? He is there too. Do you feel like you are trapped at the bottom of the ocean and you can’t breath? He is there and will be the very air in your lungs. His presence knows no boundaries and is no respecter of persons, places or things. Our perception of our current reality prevents us from feeling the real joy of His presence that is most definitely there. So praise Him in your storm and stop trying to not get wet! Take your shoes off and enjoy the rain!



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