Fear-The Arch Nemesis of Belief

Fear-The Arch Nemesis of Belief
Written by Jim Staley

Fear: The Arch Nemesis of Belief

The book of Devarim (Deuteronomy) is referred to by the Sages as "Mishneh Torah," which is commonly interpreted as the "review/repetition of the Torah." The entire book was written in the last five weeks of Moses' life. Of all the books of the Torah, this one is the most beloved. It contains over 200 laws of the Torah, 70 of them being completely new. It is also the last book of the Torah which, for many, commemorates the final lap in the race for the most exciting biblical holiday of the year: Sukkot! But out of all the accolades that can be given to the book of Devarim, none other can be given to it more than it is a powerful bookend review.  

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