Meeting Your Destiny

Meeting Your Destiny
Written by Jim Staley

Vayishlach: And He Went

In this week's portion, I would like to focus on a couple different topics. At first they may seem disconnected, but I believe the connections will be made the deeper we dive into them. 

The story starts off with Jacob leaving his uncle Laban's household. He had worked over 20 years for his two wives and all his livestock, all of it predicated on the fact that Jacob chose to deceive his brother Esau as well as his father for both the inheritance and the firstborn blessing. It was this deception that caused him to have to flee for his life to Laban's house to begin with. But while there, Jacob himself gets deceived. On his wedding night, after working for Rachel for seven years, he ends up receiving Leah instead. The old adage "what goes around comes around" is definitely appropriate for Jacob. But the story goes much deeper than that. And in order for Yahweh to use Jacob in the way He desired, Jacob would have to be purged of his sin once and for all.

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