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About Us

In 1992 I truly met my “other half.” We immediately fell in love and married four years later. Our family has grown over the years and we now have 6 beautiful daughters who love Yahweh with all their heart. In 2004 we met with a few people in our home while researching the Christian roots of our faith. That Bible study group grew beyond anything we had ever imagined and, through it, a ministry was later birthed called Passion For Truth Ministries. Shortly after Jim’s imprisonment, that ministry was unfortunately dissolved, but our hearts’ desire has always been to love Yahweh and seek Him with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. We want to continue to honor Yahweh by loving our neighbor as ourself and serving the body of Messiah with everything inside of us. Now, as we step out in this next season of our journey, we do so with a renewed desire to continue fighting the good fight and running the race to win. Our ultimate desire is to please our King and learn from our mistakes. While it is difficult that we cannot be with each other daily, we know that Yahweh has a plan and a purpose in all of this “mess” and we will never cease to give Him praise! He is good, ALL the time!
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