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Full of life

What is the purpose of a garden? It is to bring forth fruit and vegetables and other healthy herbs and foods- not a difficult question. Picture for a moment your life as a garden. Your job is to produce only fruit and life. We are humans, therefore we will not be able to keep the occasional “weeds” from growing in our lives. They always seem to grow very close to where the fruit is growing, nearly choking it and causing it to die. The “weeds” that come up in life (temptation, sin, trials, fear, worry, doubt), usually are more visible when you are producing much fruit (joy, sharing the Gospel, close to God, using your gifts, serving).

The enemy hits us hardest when we are growing closer to God, and sometimes we don’t even see it until we start to feel choked by all the “weeds” surrounding us. We may start to believe the little lies that he has spoken, or possibly fall into a trap. There are so many different ways and tactics that the enemy is set up to do. He wants nothing other than to steal, kill and destroy your life. I believe that we need to always be watchful and mindful of what is going on around us. Be careful of what you let grow in your “garden”. As soon as you feel or see a “weed” growing, quickly pull it up. Uproot the entire spirit, influence, burden, etc. Only allow Yahweh’s fruit and life to come forth. You will live a beautiful life. Yahweh wants us to learn our gifts that He has so graciously given to us, and use them to benefit for His glory. When we share what The Father has given us, that moment we are producing fruit and blessing others and most importantly blessing our Heavenly Father. People will be blessed, partake of the fruit, save a seed, and plant it later. Eventually that seed will get watered and sprout, and new life will come forth. The garden will spread wider and His roots within us will grow deeper, not allowing the enemy to uproot or choke us. If we can stay faithful and remain free of “weeds” in our garden, Yahweh will use our fruit to bless others so that those people can bless others. It is a chain reaction. Let’s make a difference.

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