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I want to start out by saying that I believe we all see things, situations, and circumstances in a different light. Some are similar in their perspectives, others may be the complete opposite. Take introverted and extroverted people, for example. People who are introverted may see a circumstance completely different than how an extroverted person may see things. However, if we are all believers, we should all be able to view things from God’s perspective, and allow ourselves to see things how HE sees things. Let me explain…

Let’s say for example your car broke down, which therefore made you late for a really important work meeting. This is a pretty realistic example. How would you honestly react to such this situation? I believe we can all admit that we are human and would get upset and frustrated. I know I would! However, if one has the knowledge and understanding of how we can ponder and look at it through God’s eyes, we can most definitely assess the situation differently. How on earth can we see things through God’s eyes, you may ask? First of all, we know He is an all-seeing, perfect God. He does no wrong, He creates no harm, and is not a negative spirit. Sometimes He sends us tests to see how we will handle something or someone. It’s not up to us to know whether it’s a test or not. We just need to learn and grasp the knowledge behind things to know how to take a hold of the situation.
God is a positive God. He is strong, does not envy, does not grow weary, nor does He do wrong. So if we want to be like our Creator, if we want to strive to do His ways and see things through His eyes, then try thinking how He would think amidst a troublesome situation. Now go back to your car being broken down, and you are late for an important work meeting. How should you react with the knowledge that you now have? Here’s what I would do: “Okay, this is not what I had planned for today, but everything happens for a reason. I know this can be fixed. Lord, just help me to stay calm and be a light to whomever I meet for today. Your plans are my plans, and I trust you will take care of me. Thank you for your protection.” A few hours later you hear on the news about a huge multi-vehicle crash on the same highway you were on just that day! God broke down your car not to make you late for your meeting, but to protect you from being hurt! My friends, this is just one simple reality example. Anything and everything that comes your way, happens for a reason. Don’t question God; rather, be willing to tackle what comes your way. You wouldn’t want to hinder your spiritual growth, much less your relationship with your King. Seek after His ways. Seek to see things the way He might see them. Find the good in the midst of what seems like the bad. Be positive when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Pass the test. You will be greatly rewarded for your obedience and willingness to go the extra mile for His Kingdom’s sake. Be a vessel ready to be used for His glory. Do not be afraid, for no weapon formed against you shall prosper. It is written!
So go about your day, with the armor of God on and ready to use, and a positive spirit, ready to see things through God’s eyes. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

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