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The Struggle – Spiritual Gifts

As I was pondering on what topic to write about, I had a bunch of jumbled up thoughts and ideas of what to write, but nothing became clear as to exactly which one to choose. I began asking The Father what He wanted me to write, and I felt in my spirit that He wanted me to just write from my heart – hence the title of my blog. Of course I am always writing from my heart, but I felt that this was to be a loose, Holy Spirit led kind of writing. I would love to hear feedback, questions or comments.

I believe, that as Christians (or Messianic Christians), many of us struggle to find our Spiritual gifts and callings. We know that we have them, but fail to find them. Or maybe we do know what we are gifted in and go too far with them gaining selfish ambition and fame rather than using them for Yahweh’s benefit and glory. Finding and knowing your Spiritual gifts is not to be taken lightly. We have all been gifted with talents and beautiful abilities from birth. Yahweh has given us a choice of what to do with them. For example, it is easy to use yourself as an idol by using the gift of singing for your glory rather than for Yahweh’s. It is easy to pronounce false prophecies trying to earn people’s trust and belief of what will be to come. I also believe that we all have a degree of discernment. For how would we know how to use our gifts wisely if we did not know how to discern? I believe the first thing we need to learn to possess before anything is humility. All of us, at some time or another, appreciate being praised and looked up to for something that we are talented in. But if we constantly check our hearts and minds and keep that attitude of humility, we can use our talent or gift to praise Yahweh and bring glory and fame only to His name. God made us, created us; allowed us to move and breathe. He chose to give us life rather than death. He saved us from death. Should we not live and breathe for His name’s sake?

Perhaps you are still seeking to find the areas that you have been gifted in. Do not hesitate. But also do not be too eager to jump right in. Pray first to ask God to show you how you can walk further and grow deeper into your calling. Advance and venture out more into the unknown, outside of your comfort zone. If you do not, how will you find what you are looking for? God will show you just what you need to see and He will reveal your gifts and callings in His perfect timing. Be patient and learn to wait. When you find those gifts and walk them out faithfully, a beautiful testimony will come out of it. It will also help to encourage others to do the same; it is a good example. Pray this prayer with me:

Abba, Father, I come before You right now and ask that you would help me see what I do not see.  Take the blindfolds away as you please so that I may see what more I can do to further Your Kingdom. My desire is to honor, obey, and make you proud of who I am and who I can be. Thank you for your loving kindness and mercy. Thank you for blessing me with different gifts that I can use for Your glory. Abba, mold and shape me to be more like You each and every day. Keep me humble, yet eager to know more about You all the days of my life. Thank you, Father. Amen

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