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Being Aware of The Presence

There are few ideas more comforting ideas than the reality of having an omnipresent God. One of the hallmark differentiations between Yahweh, the God of the Bible, and all other supposed gods is the fact that the Most High God is universally present at all times. We do not have to call Him to come; He’s already here. And although He transcends all things, He is also in all things, for all things are held together by His Word. But even though His presence is everywhere and in all things, how do we experience it? How do we pierce the dimensional veil that exists between us?

The first thing we need to learn if we are to experience His presence is that the Presence and the manifestation of His presence are two completely different things. His Presence is everywhere at all times. But the manifestation of His presence in our lives only exists when we’re aware of His presence. This awareness comes from total and complete surrender to the Presence that surrounds us. Moment by moment we must submit to what we cannot see with our eyes nor hear with our ears. Like living in two worlds at the same time, we must acknowledge the Holy One that is already in our presence every moment of our day.

In today’s fast-paced world, the life of the believer has taken on the elements of the world in varying degrees. Subconsciously, he does not realize that his life with the Creator has learned to revolve around the dramatic and that which triggers his senses. We’ve added machines to our relationship with God and in many cases they have replaced the true intimacy that comes from being “unplugged.” Friends used to have to call each other to discuss things; now they just text, rarely ever hearing each other’s voice. Face-to-face is no longer in vogue so the presence of a friend is reduced to bits in a digital machine between them.
In Hebrew, the word “presence” and the word “face(s)” is the same: panim (pah-neem). God’s presence IS His face. And to be in His presence is to feel the light of His glorious face. In our lives today, in order to be in someone’s actual presence, we must put our devices down and take the time to move to where they are and then enjoy their presence. In the same way, if we want to experience the manifestation of Yahweh’s presence in our lives and see all the “God-winks,” as I like to call them, we must, in the words of Tozer, “wrench ourselves loose from the grip of our times and return to Biblical ways.” We must return to the ancient paths of our ancestors and force ourselves to sit in His presence, to take the time to recognize that He is actually there.
I encourage you to take the time to ask forgiveness from the Father for being so distracted by the visible and physical things of this world. Repent that you have forgotten that He is actually right there with you, waiting to manifest Himself to you if you would only take the time to acknowledge His presence. Stop and pretend that you’re looking into His eyes while you’re talking to Him. Pretend that there are angels right there listening to your every word. Because, in truth, He is already waiting for your gaze.
Jim Staley

November 2017

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