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A New Way to Start Your Day

It was yet another early morning and another day of work ahead of me. I was aching and I was so exhausted from the previous day of work, I must have pressed the snooze button on my alarm at least three times. It was one of those days I just wanted to lie in bed all day long. Nevertheless, I reluctantly got out of bed trying to accept what my day beheld. Only a few moments later did I feel an exciting, thankful, accepting emotion of being okay and content with where I’m at. I felt Yahweh giving me joy, peace, strength, and His wing of love wrapped around me. I began thanking Yahweh for my job, for a healthy life, for my family and for a new day. That was what kept me going throughout the day – His promises. I felt assured through the smallest details of His creation which became a large detail in my everyday way of living. I felt a hint of victory and triumph. I knew that The Lord was on my side. I trusted Him even more in that moment and throughout the day. 

I say all of this to be an encouragement to all of you. How you start your day the moment you awake matters. Instead of waking up to the trials and burdens that are seemingly upon your shoulders, start out your day in prayer and thanksgiving knowing that you are *not* the One carrying the burden. You are free. You are free to make the choices you desire. If you truly have the living Holy Spirit inside of you, you will know what the right choices will be.

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