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Defining Our Roots

Our roots define who we are. The roots within us are deep within our hearts. They define our character and how we live and act. Knowing how to control the roots is key to living a healthy and God-centered life. We first need to consider what feeds the roots and whether or not they are going deep and staying strong or perhaps staying more on the surface and killing other plants. Water, representing God’s Word, His promises, love, protection, blessings, etc. feeds the plant (us) the vitamins and minerals that it needs in order to stay strong and healthy.

If we stay in His Word daily we will grow further and stronger in the gifts that He’s blessed us with and He will also give us more seeds to plant and water to others around us. We want our roots to grow deep and maintain a strong, firm foundation only in Yeshua. If we feed the roots the wrong source of food then the roots will spread and stay on the surface, not exactly knowing how to go deeper. The more water and minerals that we take in, the more we become like the One who Created us. We were not created to be a dying, wilting plant with shallow roots. We were created to be vibrant, strong, healthy and to stand out so others may see Yeshua’s light shining through us. Sometimes the rains that come are heavy, burdened with trials and hardships. Those rains are hard to take in; they are hard to stand. The rains turn into storms, which makes it hard for us to stay alive at times. Eventually, a small, weary plant like us will learn to stand in the rain and accept what comes. Eventually we will be okay with the storms because it will grow our roots deeper and stronger. We learn that we can’t stay shallow forever and the only thing to grow us is to accept the heavy rains with a humble heart, knowing that our roots will only grow stronger with Yeshua. Yahweh is the One who sends every kind of rain. Whichever comes, they will all be sent to grow us. There are seasons of joy and sadness. Embrace every single kind. Don’t complain through your situation. Don’t be weary or faint. Keep your head up through the storm. Smile through the rain, smile through the sunshine.

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