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Follow Hadassah’s example

Just as Hadassah had to prepare herself for TWELVE months for her ONE night with the King, we also must recognize that without those preparations, that we may not be ready to enter into the King’s chambers when the time has come. He gives us guidelines, rules and commandments for us to follow and obey. If we use our time here wisely on earth and choose to live for Him only, then in the end, only He can judge whether we have used our preparation time wisely, and if we are worthy enough to enter into His courts. 

Before Hadassah entered into the king’s court, she asked one of the servants what the king desires of her. She wanted to please the king with what HE wanted instead of adorning herself and presenting things that she THOUGHT the King would be pleased with. Let us follow the example of going before our Heavenly Father and asking Him what He desires of us; what gifts we can grow in to bring Him glory. Let us seek for what we can do better to follow His ways; how we can walk in His will for our lives in a Godly manner. Let us keep our eyes on Him more than ourselves. Let us focus more on the desires that HE wants for us, rather than the desires that we want and  think may please Him. Those fleshly desires may be so difficult to give up. But when you take that sacrifice with a humble heart (as Hadassah was willing to sacrifice her life for her people, the Jews), Yah will bring blessings upon you, and will call you His good and faithful servant if you truly stay faithful to Him and His promises. 

We will be judged at the end of time whether we have been faithful to complete His good Works for us, and may spend eternity with our King, or whether we will spend the rest of our lives in the deepest of dark despair and pain. Sacrifice is a humbling experience. Trusting our King and placing our lives into His hands is a humbling experience. Having a humble heart full of faith and trust can take you to places that you would have never expected to be. He’s waiting in His chambers while we are preparing for that one night with our King that can be eternity with Him forever if we choose to live our lives wisely. Seek Him in everything you encounter, and do things for HIS glory with a heart full of humility. 

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